Automobile Accidents & Injury

Automobile accidents are a leading cause for chronic, lingering pain. Sometimes the pain can linger for months after the date of the actual accident. The jolt which occurs to the body during the abrupt sudden acceleration and / or deceleration of an automobile can cause tremendous issues with muscles, joints and ligaments. Your best bet is to seek care with White Marsh Health and Wellness immediately, provided you are not still recovering in a hospital.

Neck, shoulder and lower back pain is common from automobile accidents.

White Marsh Health & Wellness provides quality chiropractic and physical therapy care to make sure you can heal properly. An automobile accident can lead to acute, chronic and / or lingering pain which is hard to identify on your own. Care includes treatment for any type of whiplash injury, injured joints or injuries to the muscles and ligaments. It is important to begin therapy as soon as possible after the automobile accident.

If you have questions about cost or insurance coverage, please contact our knowledgeable staff. They’ll quickly find you the answers you need so that you can start treatment and get relief.

Don’t let an automobile accident sideline you from work or an active social life!

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