Home Stretching

Stretching is critical. We can show you how. Home stretching has multiple positive effects on your healing treatment plan.

If you ever experience any sharp, persistent pain while stretching, you should stop immediately. Consult your doctor if pain persists. These stretches are not intended to be used as isolated treatment. These stretches are to be used in conjunction with care that is recommended by your physician or Chiropractor. Home stretching has great benefits to your formal treatment at our offices.

Only perform home exercises as prescribed by your Chiropractor.  All other exercises/stretches should be performed in a clinical setting, under the supervision of your Chiropractor and/or the Chiropractic Assistant and/or your Physical Therapist.

Rehabilitation Stretches – Shoulder
(Includes: Supraspinatus Stretch, Angled Pectoralis Stretch, Codman’s Pendulum, Horizontal Adduction/ Inferior Capsule stretch)
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Rehabilitation Stretches – Upper Body
(Includes:  Seated Trap Stretch, Scalene Stretch, Levator Scapula Stretch, Angled Pectoralis Stretch)
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Simply using a wall to stretch your calf and hamstring muscles can do wonders for chronic muscle issues

Rehabilitation Stretches – Upper Body Part 2
(Includes:  Horizontal Adduction/ Inferior Capsule Stretch, Bicep/ Pec Stretch, Wrist Stretch)
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Rehabilitation Stretches – Lower Body
(Includes:  Williams Stretches:  Low Back Stretches, Gluteal Stretches:  Piriformis Stretch, Gluteus Medius Stretch, Hamstring Stretch)
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Rehabilitation Stretches – Lower Body Part 2
(Includes:  Illiotibial Band Stretch, Adductors Stretch, Anterior Tibialis Stretch, Quadriceps Stretch, Calf & Achilles Stretches, Hip Flexor/ Iliopsoas Stretch, Plantar Fascia Stretch)
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If you have any questions regarding these stretches, please do not hesitate to email info@wmhealthwellness.com.

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