Dr. Abosh’s Recommended Healing Products

These are relatively inexpensive products you should consider to help you heal at home. During your course of treatment with our specialists, you might find it beneficial to have specialized exercise equipment and options available. Stretch while watching your favorite show or while listening to relaxing music. It’s important to try and stay limber without overdoing it.

Dr. Abosh recommends the following home care products and equipment so you can aid in your healing process at home or work between office visits. Please follow the links to order directly through Amazon. Always read the instructions or call our office if you have questions prior to using these recommended options.


Stretching bands are simple and inexpensive ways to allow you to properly stretch and work out lingering kinks while providing some muscle build.

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A stretching mat is the perfect way to protect your body from a hard floor when you perform your stretching exercises.

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